Imegen takes part in the SMART·map Project with partners from six different countries

Imegen takes part at SMART·MAP Project. It will provide innovators with a tool that will help them meet society’s needs, concerns and expectations on new technologies.

The goal os SMART·map is to define and implement concrete roadmaps for the responsible development of technologies and services in key innovative fields:

Synthetic biology

Situated at the intersection of biotechnology, ICT and nanotechnology, this field has the potential to transform the industrial landscape and lead to more sustainable manufacturating.

Precision medicine

Imegen is taking part in this field. We are in a new era where new technologies in genomics do not just to generate new knowledge, but shift the paradigm in medical care. As the market grows and public health services explore new possibilities, the role of citizens is also changing.

3D printing in biomedicine

Thanks to 3D printing, biomedical devices and consumables can be custom-made, tailored to the needs of a single patient. Products can be developed on the spot, fostering bottom-up approaches in wich patients have an unprecedented key role.


The project builds on the Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) concept promoted by the European Commission.

For each scientific area, the project pairs two regions of Europe, involving organizations from two countries (big companies, SMEs, civil society, organizations and academia) in industrial dialogues.