Imegen receives the hallmark of “ Innovative SME ”

Imegen has just received the hallmark of » Innovative SME «, recognition that comes from the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness. That is awarded to those companies that have a clear innovative profile.

Among the criteria to be taken into account for the granting of this distinction, the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness values ​​the ability of SMEs to demonstrate innovative character and capacity through their own activity.

Since the creation of Imegen in 2009, as a specialized laboratory in genetic studies, a firm commitment has been made to boost innovation and development in order to offer new products and services geared to the challenges that society demands, with the objective to improve the quality of life of patients. Take a break and watch doctor xxx videos .

Javier García-Planells, Scientific Director of Imegen, points out the strategic and successful lines of the company: «Our work is based on four fundamental actions to achieve maximum clinical utility: the use of the most powerful and innovative genetic analysis technologies, the constant management of scientific knowledge and its clinical implications, the increased capacity and efficiency of genomic data analysis and to have the maximum experience and quality in the interpretation of genetic results”.