Imegen´s first participation at the AACC Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo

Imegen’s international business managers, Benigno Neira, PharmD, and Sami Azrak, PhD, and our Product Manager, Greta Carmona, PhD, represented the company at the 69th AACC Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo in San Diego, USA.

From Tuesday 1st to Thursday 3rd our international delegation received wide range of visitors and interested business and scientific entities.

Sami Azrak described the event: “The AACC is one of the most important scientific and clinical meetings in the world. We are very satisfied with our participation. This is the first time Imegen attends a large trade fair in the United States. As part of our international expansion we are looking to collaborate with a US partner to launch our products in the North American Market”.

“We received many visitors at our booth and discussed various collaboration opportunities. In addition to new prospects, the AACC was an important occasion to meet with the majority of our distributors and clients from LATAM at a single event” commented Benigno Neira.

Greta Carmona, PhD, our Product Manager, commented on the feedback received on our latest product: «QUIMERA digital PCR kit received great interest and feedback from the AACC visitors who were looking for new applications on the digital PCR technology. We were very pleased to explain our product and highlight its endless advantages. With QUIMERA digital we opt for maximum precision, great sensitivity, and absolute quantification without the 25% error associated with conventional methods like quantitative PCR or STR analysis. This cutting-edge product facilitates early detection of a possible relapse in transplant patients and enables a much earlier intervention”.


The AACC Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo is one of the most important gatherings in the world for laboratory medicine, with around 20,000 laboratory scientists from a broad range of specialties and around 750 exhibitors from all over the world attending every year.