IMEGEN´s seminar at the Spanish division of the International Academy of Pathology congress (SEAP-IAP) on the genetic characterization of tumours of poor prognosis using NGS

IMEGEN participated in the XXVIII SEAP-IAP NATIONAL CONGRESS, held at the “Palacio de Congresos de Valencia” and attended by more than 1,200 professionals from the field. The company presented a study on the molecular and genomic characterization of cancers with poor evolution using NGS. The study received widespread positive reaction from the audience.

The study was the fruit of collaboration between various pathologists and scientists from distinguished health and scientific entities in Valencia. These include Dr Jeronimo Forteza from the Valencian Institute of Pathology, Dr Javier Garcia-Panells, Dr Carlos Mackintosh, and Dr Pablo Marin from IMEGEN, Dr Natalia Camarasa and Dr Patricia Pose, from Doctor Peset Hospital, in addition to important input from the Principe Felipe Research Centre, the Valencian Institute of Pathology, and the Institute of Forensic Medicine and Forensic Sciences of Valencia.

The study demonstrated the utilization of NGS to obtain individualized information of each tumour allowing the selection of treatment in a more precise way.The objective of this work is to determine mutations in cancers of poor evolution, to obtain molecular information with therapeutic value, diagnosis, and / or prognosis. The molecular study of the most aggressive cancers will better predict its evolution, improve the molecular classification of cancer, better adjust therapy and discover therapeutic targets and biomarkers for the development of new targeted drugs. These are the main objectives of Precision Oncology and of this multicentre and multidisciplinary Valencian initiative.